About Greenville

We are families who have come together to farm sustainably and efficiently and aim to cater to our needs and the society's. We are part of a movement initiated by Venture trust, an NGO from Tamilnadu, which has been working in collaboration with LEISA, AME, NABARD, Malteser International, Indian organic farmers association (Organic Farming Association of India [OFAI]?) and many such agencies since 1987 promoting organic farming through sustainable methods of farming.

Farming has always been integral to human civilization. The ‘solutions’ of modern farming, like chemical fertilizers and genetically modified plants, may seem successful at first but are destructive to nature and neither healthy nor sustainable, and at the end of the day not necessary. Being the nature-lovers we are, we simplify organic farming, as it ought to be, by using traditional sustainable methods, and improve access to organic produce at fair prices because we believe that organic food is not a privilege of the wealthy but rather the right of every human being.

Our Approach

The three GREENVILLE principles - Organic, Affordable and Authentic.

  • 100% natural organic is achieved by practicing traditional seed conservation and avoiding the use of hybrids, terminators, and GM seeds.

  • Affordability is achieved by implementing low input and sustainable techniques.

  • Authenticity is achieved by implementing a Participatory Guarantee System (PGS), and National and International certification agencies.
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