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OUR FARM LAYOUT (Plan of the Season)

Farm Layout

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The natural bio-inputs that are made in our farm include -

  • Panchakavya

In Sanskrit, Panchagavya means the blend of five products obtained from cow.(All these five products are individually called 'Gavya' and collectively termed as 'Panchagavya') It contains ghee, milk, curd, cowdung, cow urine. Panchagavya had reverence in the scripts of Vedas (Devine scripts of Indian wisdom) and Vrkshyayurveda(vrksha means plants and ayurveda means health system). The texts on Vrkshayurveda are systematization of the practices the farmers followed at the feild level, placed in a theoritical framework and it defined certain plant growth stimulants; among them Panchagavya was an important one that enchanced the biological efficiency of crop plants and the quality of fruits and vegetables. -Natarajan,2002. How to prepare

  • Amurthakaraisal
  • Vermicompost

Vermicompost = Worm cast. Earthworms live in the soil and feed on decaying organic material. After digestion, the undigested material moves through the alimentary canal of the earthworm, a thin layer of oil is deposited on the castings. This layer erodes over a period of 2 months. So although the plant nutrients are immediately available, they are slowly released to last longer. The process in the alimentary canal of the earthworm transforms organic waste to natural fertilizer.  The chemical changes that organic wastes undergo include deodorizing and neutralizing. This means that the pH of the castings is 7 (neutral) and the castings are odorless. The worm castings also contain bacteria, so the process is continued in the soil, and microbiological activity is promoted. How to prepare

  • E.M. Solution
  • Herbal Solution



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We would love to arrange a visit if you like. Please contact us indicating your interest in a farm visit.


Currently, we deliver produce only to Hyderabad. Please consider this during the registration process. We plan to cover more cities soon.