Why Greenville

Anything cultivated without chemicals may be organic but Greenville believes it should fulfill sustainable parameters such as using traditional seeds, crop diversity, trees and animals, to qualify it as pro ecological/natural farming which is the most viable solution to food security.

We argue that the abstinence of chemicals for individual crops alone does not certify any product as organic but rather the re-establishment of the natural ecosystem of the soil through removing all traces of chemical fertilizer is the initial stages of organic farming which in turn could certify the product organic.

Start an Adventure

Do you want to be a Greenvilley and grow your own stuff?


Space ? No, even if you dont have a huge farmhouse you are still not helpless, a garden a rooftop or even a balcony will still produce something, as long as there is a will to act, we will help you with the rest.

Motivation ? Yes

We would love to help you get started, please contact us.

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